There are two projects presented newly on MSCJ website.

The project “A virtual “Werkstatt” for digitization in the sciences” is funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation and is part of MSCJ. The project has started on 01.04.2019 and will run for five years. The main goals are to make the usage of scientific data more efficient and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations in all fields of digitalisation. For this, foundations for new paths within data science will be laid using machine learning techniques, either in fully-automated fashion, or using human-machine interactions.

The project “Collaborative Open Research-Environment (CORE-H)” is the first step towards realising a vision of a digital and collaborative research environment for the humanities. The requirements for the research environment for historical research topics will be specified and individual functionalities will be implemented in a prototypical way. The project is conducted by MSCJ members and others in the Working Group Digital Modells, Explanations and Processes in the historical sciences (MEPHisto) at the University of Jena. It is funded by the Thuringian state program „Pro-Digital“ (2020 – 2021).