For the second time, the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management (TKFDM) is sponsoring the “FAIRest Dataset” Award, this year with the motto: “FAIR data – Rewarding future you!”
Deadline for handing in a dataset is April 30, 2021.

The TKFDM awards a prize money of up to 2,000 Euro to the dataset that best implements the FAIR principles. These principles were published in 2016 and are intended to help improve the findability and reusability of research data. All scientists at Thuringian HEIs have the opportunity to submit their published datasets, provided that they did not already receive the award in the first FAIRest Dataset competition. The submitted datasets are evaluated by the members of the TKFDM on the basis of the FAIR principles. Conditions of participation can be found here in German.

The winners of the award will be announced during the Thuringian RDM Days 2021 (21.-25.06.2021) and will have the opportunity to present their institution and their project. The Thuringian RDM Days are intended to make the various facets of good RDM known throughout Thuringia, this year with the motto “Metadata: a love note to the future”.