On 01.04.2022, the Research Training Group “Interactive Inference” will start. The group will investigate probabilistic models and how to draw reliable conclusions from them using data. The aim is to improve the reliability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), that is used nowadays in many fields like medicine, business and science. The focus is on the development of algorithms that allow for drawing conclusions from large amounts of data and for complex models. This involves linking both exact algorithms, which can provide the best decision based on the capabilities of a model based on the data situation, and approximating algorithms, which scale better to large data sets and complex models.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation is funding the group over the next six years with a total of 4.9 million Euros as part of the “Scientific Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence” funding line. The Research Training Group will act as a point of contact within the Friedrich Schiller University, towards the state of Thuringia and for industry and commerce. To this end, training courses and workshops are planned, as well as “Data Science Days” that provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange.

Congratulations to our members Alexander Breuer, Martin Bücker, Joachim Giesen, Michael Habeck, Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Kai Lawonn and their colleagues for their successful application, and best wishes for the start of the Research Training Group.