We are very happy to announce that the new pilot projects of the “Werkstatt” have been selected.

The project “A virtual “Werkstatt” for digitization in the sciences”, funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, started in 2019. It is a joint project of three core projects (each with a postdoc) and 10 pilot projects (each with a PhD student) covering three main topics from Computer Science as well as five application fields.

The project runs for five years. It was designed in a way that after two years five pilot projects from application fields (with five new PhD students) will join. After a call in May 2020 with 13 excellent applications, the MSCJ Board of Directors has now selected the five new projects. In addition, the Board decided to grant two projects, that were very close to the five selected projects, a start-up funding from MSCJ budget to give them time to find an alternative funding. These two projects will be closely associated to the Werkstatt.

Some of the new PhD students already started in October and November. In fact, some already attended the Summer School in September. Welcome to the project!

New pilot projects:

P11: Machine learning optoelectronic properties of materials

  • Prof. Dr. Silvana Botti, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Gräfe
  • PhD student: Jakob Wolff (Institute of Condensed Matter Theory and Optics, Botti group)

P12: Machine learning-based design of metamaterials & Metamaterial-based machine learning systems (metAAi)

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Pertsch, PD Dr. Thomas Bocklitz
  • PhD student: tbd (Institute of Applied Physics)

P13: Data-driven strategies to decipher multi-parameter heterogeneous long-time series of geophysical solid Earth observations

  • Prof. Dr. Nina Kukowski, Prof. Dr. Martin Bücker, Prof. Dr. Alexander Breuer
  • PhD student: Valentin Kasburg

P14: Structural dynamics of land surfaces (PIXEL MACHINE)

  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Schmullius, PD Dr. Jussi Baade, Prof. Dr. Alexander Brenning, Prof. Dr. Christian Thiel
  • PhD student: tbd (Institute of Geosciences, Geophysics)

P15: A generic conversational interface for scientific data visualization

  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sina Zarrieß, Dr. Monique Meuschke, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Lawonn
  • PhD student: Henrik Voigt (Chair: Digital Humanities – Language Technology & Machine Learning; Visualization and Explorative Data Analysis Group)

Associated application projects:

Integrating Knowledge Graphs for DL Interpretability

  • Dr. Anna Kruspe, Dr. Sheeba Samuel
  • PhD student: Jihen Amara (DLR Institute for Data Science, Working Group Machine Learning)

Predicting what others think, feel and do next: Profiles of social cognition in human interaction

  • Dr. Dana Schneider, Dr. Sven Sickert, Prof. Dr. Joachim Denzler
  • PhD student: Cem Doğdu (Chair: Social Psychology)